Fire Burners for Zinc Bath Heating

Steel is already a sturdy metal, but it isn’t resistant to the effects of rust and corrosion. To toughen and protect steel, blades and parts undergo hot-dipped galvanizing, producing a strong protective layer on top of the steel to make it last. This is especially popular in the construction industry, which requires highly durable galvanized steel for architectural projects that need to be corrosion resistant. We design and provide specialized fire burners for Zinc bath heating.

How Zinc Baths Work

Galvanization is achieved by dipping the steel construct into a bath of molten Zinc, totally submerging it. This molten zinc is kept in its liquid state with superheating from fire burners, positioned between the zinc bath and the surrounding furnace wall. This furnace wall is built around the bath to produce a furnace chamber, trapping the heat within.

Flat Flame Burners

These flame burners can either take the form of high-velocity burners or flat flame burners. This type of burner uses the irradiation processes to heat materials; unlike other burners, flames do not lap the material but stick to the furnace walls where the burners are installed to give them flat flames. Hence the name flat flame burners. You can also find these burners fitted to the roof of a furnace.

Cleaning and Treating

Before the steel can be dipped, it must first be completely cleaned in a caustic bath, and then, in turn, this caustic solution must be rinsed off. From there, the steel is treated in an acid bath to remove impurities, discolouration, and scaling. After this pickling solution is rinsed off, the steel can be applied with zinc ammonium chloride. This is called flux, and once dried it helps the liquid zinc attach to the steel once dipped into the zinc bath.


After the steel has been completely submerged, it’s then lifted out of the bath. The pure zinc reacts with the oxygen in the atmosphere to form zinc oxide, which then reacts again with carbon dioxide to form zinc carbonate. This is a dull grey, fairly strong material coating, that protects the steel beneath; galvanized steel is a more affordable alternative to stainless steel and is used in circumstances where the steel needs to be highly corrosion-resistant. In terms of cost and lifespan, galvanized steel is better than stainless steel.

Custom Fire Burners for Zinc Bath Heating

The Combustion Group designs and manufactures custom flame burner designs for zinc bath furnaces, taking into account your specific requirements and your current setup to provide the best burner system for you.

We have assisted the metalworking industry for years and have designed custom burner layouts for businesses such as Cape Gate, SCAW Metals, and CWI. If you have any questions about our services and fire burners, feel free to get in contact with Combustion Gauteng.

Allow us to service or maintain your combustion equipment!

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