Preheat Furnaces and Reheat Furnaces

Hot metal is far more malleable than when it’s not, allowing you to work it into moulds, sharpen it, shape it, flatten it, etc. But there is an art to preheating and reheating metals, and that’s where our burner systems for furnaces come in. To streamline your operations, The Combustion Group offers a range of preheating furnaces and reheat furnaces to incorporate into your smelting operations, designed to heat up your metals at an optimal speed and accurately to get your metals ready for moulding in the forge. Heating metals is a science, a fine balance between speed for your own efficiency and the quality of your metals.

Preheating and Reheating Furnaces – The Art of the Metal Working

Preheating furnaces are typically found in forges and steelworks and form a crucial part of the metalworking process. If it were as easy as tossing metal into a furnace, there’d be no need for preheating and reheating. However, the metal needs to be heated at the correct speed; heating metal too quickly is not only costly and not at all energy-efficient, but also damages the property of the metal and results in more surface scaling. Thus, preheating furnaces are used to gradually raise the temperature of your metals as it passes through the furnace on the way for further heating.

Reheating furnaces on the other hand are used for heat control while working with batches of metal. Cooling metal is bad for your equipment, causing damages to the integral parts of your machinery. But when the metal starts to cool in places, you’re going to end up with a batch of metal that’s inconsistent in quality. Thus, during long forging processes, reheating furnaces are used to keep your metals at a consistent temperature throughout the process to maintain consistency and keep your metal heated for workability. It’s reassuring to know that your metal can be heated as many times as is necessary during the process, giving you time to create the perfect final product.

During the process the metal can also be allowed to stand for a short period of time to allow the heat to evenly seep throughout its structure, creating an even temperature and allowing you to save some costs on heating.

Temperature accuracy

Because of the need for uniformity and accuracy throughout the smelting process, it’s essential to monitor the temperature of your metals and your furnace. The Combustion Group creates our burner systems for furnaces with accurate temperature monitoring and control. Not all metals can withstand the same temperatures as well, so being able to adjust the burner temperature is crucial to your operations and the range of metals you can work with. Our burners help you maximize your efficiency, metal quality, and the cost-efficiency of your operations.

We have extensive knowledge of reheat furnaces and preheat furnaces and have serviced a broad range of companies across South Africa, including Mittal Steel, SCAW Metals, and Columbus Stainless Steel. Get in contact with us to learn more about our range of products.

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