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We have built and operated plants in multiple industry segments


The Combustion Group has supplied equipment to all the major aluminium smelters in Southern Africa such as Bayside and Hillside Aluminium, Mozal and Hulamin. They have also been privileged to work with major International Aluminium Smelting specialists on projects in this area.


This application requires accurate temperature control and clean burning equipment. As there are many bakeries in South Africa which do not have access to piped gas as a fuel, it is important that those bakeries which rely on liquid fuels can burn them without contaminating their products.


The use of coal burning Fluid Bed Combustors has become very popular in a multiplicity of process industries where the use of coal as an energy source is preferred due to the remoteness of the location or other financial considerations. The efficient and rapid ignition of the coal is vital to the efficacy of the whole system.

Flame Monitoring and Burner Management

Although South Africa is still considered a haven of cheap fuel, it is a fact of life that the fuel in any process forms a considerable percentage of the overall running costs. For that reason, it is vital that every joule of energy is wrung out of the fuel and used to the best advantage.

Fume Incineration

Environmental control is becoming more virulent everyday. Harmful vapours, gasses and certain particulate matter can be successfully removed from the process off gasses and flue gasses by means of incineration. The principle is to pass the effluent gas through a very hot zone in the duct from the process to the atmosphere and heat the gas for a short (but defined) period of time.

Heat Treatment Furnaces

Burners with good turn-down characteristics are required for this application, as the temperature has to be accurately controlled during the ramp-up, soak and cooling periods of the cycle. This is achieved in the continuous system by controlling the temperatures in the various zones through which the material passes.

Ladle Heating Stations

All ferrous, non ferrous and mineral smelting processes require the molten material to be poured into ladles, tundishes, converter vessels and launders at some stage of the process. These items require to be preheated before use to prevent thermal shock and to prevent rapid cooling of the product.

Liquid (Bath) Heating

The heating of liquids in tanks and maintaining the temperature is a major requirement in many of the metal finishing industries. Pickling in acid or caustic solutions prepare the metal surface for further treatment. Gas or Oil fired immersion heaters have been proven to be economical and efficient for these applications .


The Combustion Group has a wide range of combustion products for the plastic, metal paper and glass packaging industries for a variety of applications. The Combustion Group have been involved in the beverage packaging industry for many years and has supplied different types of industrial burner systems to most of the large packaging companies in South Africa. The Combustion Group also provides technical support and maintenance to these companies for their combustion systems.

Paint Drying and Heating

To produce the mirror finish paintwork which is demanded by all vehicle purchasers today, all the major motor manufacturers in South Africa have installed highly sophisticated “State of the Art” paint shops in their factories. The Combustion Group is proud to have been associated with all of them.

Poultry Farming

The Combustion Group has a complete range of gas and oil-fired heaters which can be easily placed in position in the poultry house where the temperature has to be maintained at an optimum level. In many cases, the hot air produced is directed through the house by means of permanent or moveable ducting. Each air heater is fitted with its own flame monitoring system. Find out more about our poultry heating systems in South Africa.

Preheat and Reheat Furnaces

In many processes it is necessary to raise the temperature of the metal before further work can be carried out e.g. forging. To ensure an economic operation, it is necessary to achieve the correct working temperature as quickly as possible, taking into account any product temperature limitations or requirements. Similarly, the efficiency of the burner system is paramount to ensure the best possible use of energy.

Process Air Heating

Classified as a medium temperature application, it is rare to heat air to more than 650°C for use in a process. The primary use of this air would be for drying materials, powder coating and HVAC applications. The Combustion Group has designed and built many air heating systems (including the Air Heaters themselves) for a wide range of applications requiring heated process air.

Rotary Kilns and Dryers

Although Pulverised Coal is used extensively for firing Rotary Kilns and Dryers, it is by no means the exclusive fuel for these applications. The Combustion Group can offer a range of very specialised burners that can use a variety of fuels and provide fixed or variable flame geometry to suit every application. The Combustion Group’s holding company, Fer-Min-Ore, specialise in the design and manufacture of rotary kilns and dryers.


The Combustion Group will not compromise safety in a burner system, under any circumstances. To meet this goal, a vast range of Flame Failure Equipment is available from The Combustion Group from the simplest Flame Rod to a Multi-Burner, Self Checking Integral Unit employing up-to-the-minute electronic circuitry. All the equipment offered has been approved by all major Test Houses and Standards Authorities throughout the world.

Zinc Bath Heating

A popular method of corrosion protection in today’s construction industry is hot dipped galvanising. This requires a large bath of molten zinc into which the component to be galvanised is lowered. One of the most efficient ways of melting the zinc in the bath and keeping it liquid is to fire burners between the bath and a surrounding furnace wall which has been built around the bath.