Automotive Paint Drying Burner System

To produce the mirror finish paintwork which is demanded by all vehicle purchasers today, all the major motor manufacturers in South Africa have installed highly sophisticated “State of the Art” paint shops in their factories. The Combustion Group is proud to have been associated with all of them.

This particular application requires a very carefully controlled environment to ensure that the paint finish is of the highest quality and therefore the manufacturer must rely on accurate temperature control and absolutely clean burning equipment to achieve this.

As many of the automotive paint plants come to South Africa from the parent companies overseas, it is important that the local factories can rely on The Combustion Group to assist with spares, modifications and setting-up of the burners. They also have access to the equipment of international burner manufacturers to assist the car plants with their requirements.

Typical customers where The Combustion Group has been involved in these types of furnaces are TSW, Toyota SA, VWSA, Ford/Mazda, Daimler, Marcopolo, General Motors, BMW and Nissan.