Automotive Paint Drying Burner System

Automotive Paint Drying Burner System

There’s nothing like a beautiful paint finish on a car, vibrant and glossy, matte or with a metallic sheen to really make it shine. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into making a beautiful paint job on a car, know first off that it comes down to consistency, cleanliness and efficiency. And with the right automotive paint drying burner system, you can guarantee all of the above. The Combustion Group is the proud supplier of paint drying burner systems to major motor manufacturers across South Africa.


How Automotive Paint Dryer Systems Benefit Your Setup

Applying paintwork to a car requires a very carefully controlled environment, and a skilled hand, to ensure that the paint finish is of the highest quality. It requires consistency and accuracy across the body of the vehicle to create an even coating that’s seamless and free of blemishes. This is what makes a great paint job, and requires accurate temperature control and clean-burning equipment to make sure the paint sets evenly and quickly. Your area should be free of dust and hair particles to keep the paint clean, and burners go a long way to keeping the air clean around your car.


Burner drying systems also allow you to adjust the temperature of the dryer, which gives you the option to work with a broader range of paints and lacquer. This extends the range of finishes available for your cars.


Time is Money

With paint drying burner systems you can also significantly reduce the time it takes to dry the paint. While this increases your consistency when painting, it also allows you to reduce production time and increase your efficiency, painting more cars daily. Burners can reduce drying time by up to half the time, and the less time paint spends wet, the less chance there is of blemishes getting into the paintwork. Blemishes include, but aren’t limited to, streaks, flakes, or bubbles.


Invest in quality Automotive Paint Drying Burner Systems

To produce the mirror finish paintwork which is demanded by all vehicle purchasers today, all the major motor manufacturers in South Africa have installed highly sophisticated “State of the Art” paint shops in their factories. The Combustion Group is proud to have been a part of equipping all of them for production.


And because many of the automotive paint plants are set up in South Africa by parent companies overseas, it’s important that the local factories have a reliable source for parts, maintenance, construction and technical support. That’s where the Combustion Group assists, offering spares, modifications, and setup for your burners. We also have access to equipment widely used by international burner manufacturers, which can also be applied to car painting workshops to assist with whatever issue arises.


Our client base speaks for itself, and we’re proud to have serviced so many of the car manufacturers and dealerships in South Africa. The Combustion Group has created custom Automotive Paint Drying Burner Systems for big names in the industry such as TSW, Toyota SA, VWSA, Ford/Mazda, Daimler, Marcopolo, General Motors, BMW and Nissan.

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