Powder Coating Furnace for Process Air Heating

It’s with the heat of a furnace that powder coated metals are set to give it the desired finish, and that’s where powder coating furnaces, or powder coating ovens, come in. The Combustion Group has designed and built many air heating systems (including the Air Heaters themselves) for a wide range of applications requiring heated process air. We also offer a range of high-efficiency duct burners to supplement your heating systems, increasing your burner capabilities.

What Makes a Great Powder Coating Furnace

Classified as a medium temperature application, it is rare to heat air to more than 650°C for use in a process. The primary use of this air would be for drying materials, powder coating, and HVAC applications.

Powder coating furnaces have a number of factors that go into the overall quality of your finished metal products. Some things you need to consider when operating your furnace are:

The Air Flow within the furnace

The heated air needs to be distributed carefully and accurately during the powder coating heating process to ensure an even, quality finish. The airflow should be considered as early on as the designing process, but it’s beneficial to make the burner ducts adjustable to angle them accordingly. The Combustion Group evaluates our clients’ needs and unique setups, calculating the correct size and direction of your burner ducts and recirculating blowers to determine the best design for you.

Consistent Heat Distribution

This ties in with the above, as heat needs to be evenly applied to your metals to effectively set the powder for a solid thermosetting finish. That’s how metal is powder-coated, through the application of a powder that is then superheated into the metal, which strengthens your metal and makes it resistant to the elements and other stressors. Your burner ducts can be adjusted for an even distribution of heat, which is one of the joys of gas-fired air heaters in powder coating furnaces.

Cleanness of the intake or burner air

It’s essential the air within your furnace remains uncontaminated, free of dust and other particles that can get caught on and embedded into the finish and cured, creating blemishes and imperfections in your metal. A filtration device is necessary to keep your furnace clean.

The Heating Time

Curing doesn’t happen instantaneously, and it’s crucial to consider the sum of time that it takes to reach the predetermined cure temperature, plus the time needed for the metal to remain at that temperature to complete the curing process. It’s in your best interest to have a temperature gauge and monitor the temperature of the furnace and the metal within. You should also test your powders to find the optimal temperature where curing occurs to take the guesswork out of your curing process.

Custom Designed Powder Coating Furnace for Process Air Heating

The Combustion Group takes all of the above into consideration when designing the perfect air heating and powder coating furnace for your operations. Each and every client’s project is studied carefully, and the best system is offered based on the various process parameters which have to be satisfied as listed above.

We have years of experience assisting clients in the smelting and metalworking industry. The Combustion Group has designed and provided custom powder coating furnace solutions for Anglo Coal, Tongaat Hulett Starch, Anglo Platinum, Unilever and Bliss Chemicals.

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