Burner Management and Flame Monitoring

Burner Management Systems

Efficiency is using all your resources optimally, getting the most out of them with the least amount of time or effort. That means making the most out of all your available resources, and that includes your fuel. With burner management systems from the Combustion Group, you can more accurately monitor and control your fuel consumption through high-tech electronic control systems, giving you greater control over burner flame and combustion than you would get from a mechanical system.

The Cost of Fuel

South Africa may still offer up some of the cheapest fuels available, but even cheap fuel costs money. The fact of the matter is the fuel in any process takes up a considerable percentage of the overall costs involved, and it’s in your best interest to use it wisely. For that reason, it’s essential every joule of energy is wrung out of your fuel and put to good use. This is where burner management comes into play.

Our Burner Management Systems - Optimizing your Burner Efficiency

With our extensive range of burner management systems, you can finely tune the combustion in your burner with the utmost precision. This is to ensure optimal efficiency in your operations and includes both control of the intake of fuel and control of the input of air, both of which are required for combustion to take place.

By replacing outdated mechanical burner control systems with electronic systems, you can more accurately control your burner. Electrical systems offer flame monitoring capabilities, continuously monitoring the status of the burner and making independent adjustments to either the fuel or combustion air flow rates over the entire firing range of the burner regardless of size. Additionally, your system can be programmed to provide a neutral (on ration), reducing or oxidizing the internal atmosphere of your burner for stronger heat and output.

Our Team

The Combustion Group has years of experience with which to guide our assistance for our customers. Our engineers are experts in the field and can assist with the selection of your burner management systems and a range of related parts to best equip your operations. Every operation is different, and our team is here to assess and make the best recommendations for your set-up and particular applications.

And our portfolio speaks for itself. Over the years we have assisted many major brands in the industry both nationally and internationally. The Combustion Group has assisted companies like Wespeco, Anglo Platinum, SASO Secunda, and PG Bison.

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