Burner Management and Flame Monitoring

Although South Africa is still considered a haven of cheap fuel, it is a fact of life that the fuel in any process forms a considerable percentage of the overall running costs. For that reason, it is vital that every joule of energy is wrung out of the fuel and used to the best advantage. 

The Combustion Group can offer a number of Burner Management systems which can control the fuel and combustion air precisely to ensure the most efficient operation of the burner system. The normal mechanical system of control is replaced by an electronic version which continually monitors the operation of the burner and makes independent adjustments to either the fuel or combustion air flow rates over the whole firing range of the burner. If required, it can be programmed to provide a neutral (on ratio), reducing or oxidising atmosphere.

The Combustion Group engineers can assist in the selection of the correct equipment for a particular application.

Typical customers where The Combustion Group has been involved in these types of applications are Wespeco, Anglo Platinum, SASOL Secunda and PG Bison.