Air Heaters for Poultry Farming

A lot goes into raising and caring for chickens, especially on a massive scale as seen in poultry farming. To ensure the health and consistent growth of your chickens, and the profitability of your poultry farming, you need to maintain optimal heating and ventilation at all times throughout the poultry house. For even heating throughout, the Combustion Group provides a complete and extensive range of gas and oil-fired heaters to be placed in your poultry house.

Caring for Chickens – A fine balance

Chickens take some very carefully balanced conditions to thrive, including heating, ventilation air quality, hygiene, and the availability of water and feed. All of which have a direct impact on the profitability of your poultry business. And while heating and ventilation seem counterproductive to each other, it is possible to keep your poultry house ventilated and heated at the same time.

With powerful air poultry heating systems in South Africa, even poultry houses with open sides can be kept warm while the airflow remains fresh. This needs to be a year-round process, not just for winter, because birds that are comfortable grow optimally. However, it’s important to maintain ventilation when using gas poultry house heaters, as warm air tends to create moisture, which is detrimental to bedding.

Poultry heating systems in Southen Africa for Poultry Houses

The Combustion Group offers a wide range of burners for heating poultry houses, and these heaters can easily be placed in intervals throughout your house depending on the scale. In many cases, the hot air is directed through the house via permanent or portable ducting. We have years of recommending and supplying heating equipment to the farming and poultry industries.

And because it’s essential to be able to monitor and control the heat output, our air heaters can come fitted with a flame monitoring system for temperature regulation and safety. It’s essential to be able to adjust the temperature should it be getting too hot or too cold. While chickens can cope with higher temperatures, colder temperatures are where they experience the most discomfort.

Fog Hog for Fumigation

Cleanliness is just as important for the welfare of your animals and your business as temperature regulation. In between chicken batches, one should use fumigators to fog the full area of the poultry house to exterminate pests that could be lurking in the bedding, keeping the house clean for the next batch of chickens. This is important for health and hygiene overall.

A portable device is needed for the best possible coverage, and the Combustion Group is proud to have developed our own portable fumigator, the “Fog Hog.” This fumigator can be pushed into the right position and filled with the necessary chemicals and pesticides needed to sanitize the area. The LPG-fired air heater will do the rest, distributing the chemicals across the poultry house. Once the fumigation is completed, the unit can be removed and stored away, ready for the next batch.

rainbow poultry farming

We have supplied poultry house heaters and fog hog combos to farms across South Africa, including a big name brand such as Rainbow Farms.

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