Industrial Gas Burners for the Bread & Confectionery Industry

Industrial Gas Burners For The Bread and Confectionery Industry

Like all things with cooking and food production involved, cleanliness and effective temperature control are of the utmost importance. Burnt and contaminated products are useless and can significantly detract from your profits. Similarly, inconsistency can just as easily pose a pitfall for your bread and confectionery business, and it’s inefficient to have to check every batch. The Combustion Group designs and builds custom Industrial Gas Oven for the bread and confectionery industry, crafting intricate gas burner systems that bake your products to perfection.

Baking on an industrial scale requires an Industrial Oven

There’s a difference between baking bread at home and baking on an industrial scale. The environment needs to be carefully controlled to guarantee consistency across the board when you bake a batch, and it must be accurate every time. Burnt bread in some areas and undercooked bread in others are clumsy and ineffective for your business, and you can’t afford to sort through your batches to throw these dud products out. An Industrial Oven are effective for heat monitoring and even distribution of heat and can be paired with air heaters within the oven for improved heat and airflow.

Cleanliness is the next big thing. Your oven needs to have a clean airflow and flame to create the perfect batch of bread, free from contaminants. Any particles or odours that get into the dough when baking can completely ruin your batch, so it’s of utmost importance to use Industrial Gas Burners that not only feature filtration technology for airflow but that utilizes a fuel that burns cleanly and odourless. This is what makes gas burners ideal in the industry and a safe, efficient means of baking on a large scale.

Alternatives Liquid or Gas Burners in South Africa

The fuel used in baking is obviously of significance, but what if gas isn’t a viable option? Not all bakeries in South Africa have access to piped gas as fuel, and the Combustion Group has made accommodations for this. These bakeries can rely on liquid fuels to produce a clean, odour-free flame for their burners as long as they use the correct bread and confectionary burner. Not only is the a wide range of liquid fuels on the market for you to utilize, but we offer a range of liquid burner equipment to be safely used in your bakeries, compatible with a number of these liquid fuel types. We can assist with selection and supply, finding the perfect fuel and burner for your setup.

The Combustion Group has supported many bakeries across South Africa with custom industrial gas burners and liquid burners. Some of the big-name clients we’ve assisted include Albany, Pioneer Foods, and National Brands. If you have any questions about our Industrial Gas burning Ovens or wish to receive a consultation, please contact Combustion Gauteng for more assistance.

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