South African Combustion Company

Since 1989, The Combustion Group (TCG) has served clients in Southern Africa and around the world with highly considered and specific combustion and thermal solutions.


Our extensive team of combustion experts consists of highly qualified engineers, technicians and industrial fuel practitioners; each professional playing an integral role in supplying over 2000 clients with specific industrial thermal and combustion requirements.


With over 30 years of experience as a market leader in combustion services in South Africa, as a partner, TCG is able to provide comprehensive knowledge, guidance and full integration with your business strategy.

About The Combustion Group Africa

Our History

TCG came into being in 1989, via the amalgamation of two established combustion services companies in the oil and gas space namely Niel Passet Enterprises and Hotwork Holdings. In 2002 Ferminore acquired the company as part of a diversification strategy, with a view to building a world-class offering.

Ferminore Process Plants – Ferminore’s thermal business – was then brought on board to broaden the business into coal fuel products and engineered thermal process plant and projects, thus ensuring a fully integrated fuel management and combustion system capability.

To strengthen the business as a whole, TCG adopted a Key Account Management approach so as to start understanding specific client requirements as well as gaining intimate knowledge of their respective sites by conducting extensive research, technical and economic feasibility studies. The service was further enhanced through the provision of financing and operating solutions, building and operating plants on behalf of clients when necessary.

About The Combustion Group South Africa

Our Future

TCG’s head office is centrally located in Gauteng with branch offices in KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape as well as distributors in Kenya, Eastern Cape and Western Cape.

Our current team of key account managers are on hand to offer their extensive technical experience, while physically visiting key client sites in order to understand the plants and operational challenges.

Partner with TCG today and gain the benefit of our high-quality workmanship and deep industrial experience.


New Client Approach

TCG has built and operated numerous plants in multiple industry segments, growing our understanding of combustion systems through many different applications.

With the sourcing, delivering and utilising of natural fuel resources as a part of our offering, we can offer an end-to-end service to all of our clients. We offer an affordable, integrated service that starts with feasibility studies to identify industrial fuel requirements, continuing through to burner management and complete combustion services.

Essentially, our general approach for each new client may include some or all of the following steps: