Dual Fuel Burners for Ladle Heating Solutions

All ferrous, non ferrous and mineral smelting processes require the molten material to be poured into ladles, tundishes, convertor vessels and launders at some stage of the process. These items require to be pre-heated before use to prevent thermal shock and to prevent rapid cooling of the product.

As many of the processes also produce viable quantities of flammable gasses, most clients wish to use this gas as a fuel source for their heating stations. The Combustion Group has many years experience in designing such systems to take full advantage of the client’s “free energy”. In many cases, this is augmented by other gaseous or liquid fuels to compensate for the intermittent loss or varying calorific value of the primary fuel. These dual fuel burners and systems are custom-built to the client’s particular needs.

In most cases, The Combustion Group, designs and builds the whole system, including the refractory lined hood, with its raising and lowering system and the support structure.

Typical customers where The Combustion Group has been involved in these types of applications are Columbus Stainless Steel, Mittal Steel, SCAW Metals, Ferrometals and Samancor.