Dual Fuel Burners for Ladle Heating Solutions

Protect your tools, equipment and minerals with Dual Fuel Burners for Ladle Heating, avoiding damage from thermal shock and utilizing valuable flammable gas byproducts to further fuel your heating processes and operations. The Combustion Group can design custom dual fuel burners and heating solutions for your applications, powering your business and allowing you to take full advantage of your resources.

Heating and Smelting

Heat is a powerful catalyst in refining and production, used to burn fuel and smelt metals and minerals. Once the metal has been smelted down into a molten state, it’s more easily moulded into desired shapes and combined with other materials for unique strengths and properties. While heat is the very core of smelting, a sudden introduction of intense heat to objects with a neutral temperature can be destructive to both your materials and your equipment.

What is thermal shock?

All ferrous (meaning contains iron), non-ferrous and mineral smelting processes require the molten material to be poured into ladles, tundishes, converter vessels and launders at some stage of the process. This is where the risk comes in. These tools and equipment need to be preheated before use to prevent thermal shock and to prevent rapid cooling of the product. Thermal shock is a sudden temperature fluctuation, and it puts stress on objects and substances, enough so to weaken or break them entirely. But by heating your tools and equipment enough to not cause a significant fluctuation, you can avoid thermal shock entirely. This is where ladle heating for the smelting process comes in, and the Combustion Group has experience in creating custom ladle heating burners. Not only do they heat your equipment, but they make use of dual fuel sources as well.

Dual fuel burners and utilizing flammable gasses

Smelting is a form of metallurgy, and these processes often produce more than just molten metal, but other byproducts as well. Smelting processes also produce viable quantities of flammable gasses, and these gasses can pose beneficially to your operations. In most cases, this is augmented by other gaseous or liquid fuels to compensate for the intermittent loss or varying calorific value of the primary fuel.

We Design and Build Custom Dual Fuel Burners and Ladle Heating Solutions

Most clients wish to use this valuable gas as a fuel source for their heating stations, allowing them to maximize their production and take full advantage of this “free energy” source. The Combustion Group has many years of experience in designing and creating such custom systems to take full advantage of flammable gasses. These dual fuel burners and systems are custom-built to the client’s particular needs and their unique set-ups.

In most cases, The Combustion Group designs and builds the whole system, including the refractory lined hood, with its raising and lowering system and the support structure. Refractory equipment is made from materials that are resistant to decomposition due to heat, chemicals and pressure, retaining its strength under high heat. This is used to protect your other equipment from heat damage.

With our impressive portfolio of clients, we are well equipped to assist you. The Combustion Group has designed and created Dual Fuel Burners for Ladle Heating Solutions for big-name clients such as Columbus Stainless Steel, Mittal Steel, SCAW Metals, Ferrometals and Samancor.

Allow us to service or maintain your combustion equipment!

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