Fume Incineration in Various Industries

Fume incineration in various industries

Waste products are a fact of life; all processes produce byproducts, and this waste is often harmful to the environment or us. From noxious gasses released into the atmosphere to dangerous medical waste that can’t simply be thrown away, incineration is the best means by which we can safely negate and dispose of these waste products. The Combustion Group is here to assess, design and manufacture waste incineration burning systems for a number of industries, specifically designed to seamlessly be incorporated into your unique setup and processes.

Protecting the Environment

Most production and refining processes produce waste and byproducts, and that more often than not results in noxious fumes, gasses and vapours that get released into the environment. These are known as off-gasses and flue gasses.

Off gasses are defined as often harmful gasses that are emitted from chemical and production processes. Flue gasses, also called exhaust gas or stack gas, are gasses that emanate from combustion plants. They contain the reaction by-products of fuel and combustion air, as well as residual substances such as particulate matter (dust), sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide.

Fume incineration processes

Off and flue gasses create significant air pollution, and it’s everyone’s best interest to minimize the pollutants we release into the atmosphere. Fortunately, with environmental control becoming more innovative and widespread, there are means by which we can successfully remove harmful vapours, gasses and various particle matter from our processes. We can burn up off-gasses and flue gasses by means of incineration via a waste incineration burning system. The principle is to pass the effluent gas through a very hot zone in the ducts that run from the processing burners to the atmosphere, heating the gas for a short (but defined) period of time to minimize the harmful gasses and particles expelled.

Waste Incineration Burning Systems

Waste and pollutants don’t just take the form of fumes. Waste byproducts can take the form of general waste, liquid waste, and medical waste. All of which needs to be effectively disposed of and incineration is a viable method of protecting people and the environment from this harmful waste.

Alongside our fume incinerator burners, the Combustion group designs and manufactures burners for general waste incineration, liquid waste incineration, and importantly, medical waste incineration. Hospitals need an effective and safe way of disposing of medical waste and require an incinerator for effective disposal. The same applies to morgues, and crematoriums also make use of our custom-designed burners for safe and effective cremations.

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The Combustion Group has years of experience designing and creating custom incinerators for a number of different industries. We also provide advice and assistance with their best method of use where necessary. Our client base speaks volumes of our experience, and we’ve assisted in the creation of custom incinerators for clients such as SAPPI, Lonmin Platinum, and a number of hospitals local and abroad.

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