Pulverised Coal Burners and High Output Burners

There are all manner of reasons for opting for pulverised coal burners in your operations, and it’s safe to say that coal-burning fluid bed combustors are a highly popular and preferred process in the industry. Coal is generally considered an affordable energy source, and significantly increases the efficiency of your operations thanks to the rapid ignition of the coal. The Combustion Group is proud to create custom pulverised coal burners for the industry, assessing each client’s needs individually when designing their unique high output burners.

What is pulverised coal burning?

Coal is renowned for burning well, but in large clumps, the surface area for ignition is relatively low. Pulverised coal firing ensures complete combustion of coal, and at a rapid rate as well. The rate between the coal particles entering the furnace and ignition is almost instantaneous, and significantly increases the efficiency of your combustion processes.

First, coal is crushed and broken down into a powder, and the finer the powder, the more rapid the ignition. This powder is then dried and heated with an air heater for more effective burning. Then the pulverised coal is blown into the burner, spreading throughout it to increase the area of ignition inside the combustion chamber.

The efficient and rapid ignition of the coal is vital to the efficacy of the whole system. To assist in this, a series of high output burners are mounted in the wall of the combustor to fire downwards onto the fluidising sand bed. Once the temperature of the sand has reached the prescribed level, coal is introduced and the burners are kept active until the chamber’s temperature is high enough for the coal ignition to be self-sustaining. Depending on the type of fuel available, either gaseous or liquid fuel burners can be utilized for this start-up duty to provide a coal ignition source.

Where are the high output burners used most often?

Pulverised Coal Burners are often used in rotary kilns and dryers. As in the case of the Fluid Bed Combustor, a source of ignition is required to ensure that the PF can reach self-sustaining combustion. The most popular method is to use a specially designed Igniting Lance Burner mounted on a trolley. This can be moved into position during start-up and then moved to a safe place once the kiln or dryer can operate on PF alone.

In most cases (but not all) these Start-up Burners are Oil fired. Although they are fitted with Flame Failure equipment to ensure safe operation, it is usually not necessary to provide automatic temperature control. This could be included, should the client require it.

Custom pulverised Coal Burner Setups from The Combustion Group

To meet our clients’ unique specifications, we design and manufacture custom pulverised coal burners and start-up burners to accompany them for optimal coal ignition. We work under strict quality control to ensure a system that would meet the needs of the exacting environment and application for our customers.

We have assisted many big-name clients in the combustion industry. The Combustion Group has been involved in these types of applications are Vanchem Vanadium Products, PPC, Lonmin Platinum, and Mittal Steel.

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