Burner Systems for Packaging Companies

Furnaces and burner systems are used across a broad array of industries, and the packaging industry is just one of them. From the production of packaging to waste disposal and recycling of packaging materials, The Combustion Group has a wide range of combustion products for the plastic, metal paper, and glass packaging industries for a variety of applications.

Industrial Burners in the Packaging Industry


Whether it’s glass or plastic, the beverage industry needs to make use of burner systems to melt down their materials to create packaging. Glass is made from silica, mixed with glass cullet (crushed glass from any of a variety of sources) and then melted in furnaces, ready to be poured into glass moulds. Salt and soda ash are used to aid in the smelting process, and glass pieces help to allow the mixture to melt at lower temperatures.

Furnaces can also be used to recycle glasses brought back to the factory, and this glass is broken down and added back to the smelting process. This saves costs and supports the environment.

Plastics are similarly superheated by burners. Plastic pellets, also made from recycled plastic bottles, are added to the burner and melted down to make new plastic that can be poured into moulds. Once the plastic cools, it hardens into the bottles we are so familiar with. Certain plastic bottles are also made in miniature sizes, heated, and then filled with compressed air to enlarge them to larger bottles for milk and the like.

Plastic bottles, however, are not as reusable as their glass and metal counterparts. They often contain impurities, and it’s ultimately cheaper to use virgin plastic and resin.

Aluminium cans are metal products, crafted from sheets of aluminium that’s melted down for production. When cans are recycled, they can be melted down again to make entirely new cans with the same strengths and properties. This makes them highly recyclable and allows you to save costs on materials.

Disposal with Waste Burners

Everything needs to be disposed of in some way, and whether it’s the byproduct of package production or waste packaging itself, it can be melted down in a furnace. This reduces the waste going into landfills and our natural environment.

Custom packaging burners for Packaging Companies

The Combustion Group has been involved in the beverage packaging industry for many years and has designed and supplied different types of burner systems to most of the large packaging companies in South Africa. The Combustion Group also provides technical support and maintenance to these companies for their combustion systems. Our team is able to assess the needs of your operation and make suggestions on the best furnace and burner systems for your business.

Nampak packaging burner
Consol uses The Combustion Group

Our extensive experience in the packaging industry has allowed us to supply burners to some big-name brands, including Nampak, CONSOL Glass, and Van Leer Packaging. Contact us to learn more about burner applications in the packaging industry or to make an inquiry about our burners and furnaces.

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