RAMFIRE® Burners

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  • Improve your furnace temperature uniformity and work penetration with rapid circulation from RAMFIRE® Burner’s high exit velocities, up to 550 ft/sec (375 MPH)
  • Increase furnace loading and reduce flame impingement potential with RAMFIRE® Burner’s short flame length. Let the high velocity stream of hot combustion gases stir-up your furnace’s heat.
  • Maintenance and/or field inspection is simple with burner’s removable backplate, giving direct and easy access to the gas nozzle and refractory block
  • 20:1 turndown capability promotes faster bring-up times without temperature override
  • Operate “on-ratio” or with “excess air” to meet specific demands of your process requirements
  • Clean burning with natural or propane gases to produce lower NOX levels