4795 Magma-Flame Gas Burner

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The 4795 Magna-Flame Gas Burner is used on a wide variety of industrial heating applications: higher temperature furnaces such as aluminum melters, steel reheat furnaces, soaking pits, and lower temperature dryers and air heaters.
Capacities range from 8 000 000 to 56 000 000 Btu/hr, for which flame lengths vary from 9 to 35. Operation is quiet, and the flame is stable over a wide range of air/gas ratios: from more than 50% rich to 1000% excess air. Burners can be used in cold, sealed-in chambers running on stoichiometric ratio or lean.
The MAGNA-FLAME burner does not include a tile. The tunnel shape shown on the dimension drawing (back side) must be built into the combustion chamber wall. See Supplement DF-M1 for further suggestions.
Body and backplate are fabricated of heavy gauge welded steel with a refractory ring and alloy flame stabilization disc in the front.