4452 Low Emissions Gas Burner

by Yana | | 0

The 4452 is a natural gas burner specifically designed to provide a low emission flame in low temperature furnaces and ovens. Direct fired aluminum homogenizers and other low temperature heat treat furnaces are ideal applications. The burner is designed for vertical firing but can be fired horizontally without modification in applications below 1200°F.
The burner has an alloy flame protection tube which helps control emissions. Heat release to the tube is very even, which minimizes hot spots and increases tube life.
The burner is ignited with a simple low cost direct spark igniter (comes with burner) and has a wide lighting window. Flame supervision can be provided with either a UV scanner or flame rod (sold separately). A 3/4″ observation port is also provided as well as locations for 1/8″ air and gas pressure taps.